Unlock all IPTV channels

Unlock all IPTV channels with the FireStick

We are being asked more and more frequently whether it is really possible to activate all channels with just one IPTV subscription. In particular, we are often asked about the FireStick, but also whether the IPTV Smarters Player can use.

The answer is clearly yes. Many providers today offer the option to switch on all channels, but it also depends on the quality and, above all, the continuity. While many providers have all channels available in theory, they very often freeze and the TV experience is considerably restricted (you may remember this from the days when people tried to switch on channels completely free of charge, often via foreign sites with lots of dubious advertising).

We have made it our mission to unlock channels for our customers at a fair price, especially on the FireStick, which is now possible with just a few clicks.

For only 85€ per year, it is now possible to watch all the live TV channels you can imagine! There is also a huge number of movies and series waiting for you for a cozy evening in front of the TV! Also a free testline if there is no match day. Please note that it is necessary to verify the e-mail address (spam addresses are expressly not permitted) in order to prevent misuse.

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